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двойной разделитель

  The “National Belarusian Traditions” (“Natsyonalnyia Belaruskiya Tradytsyi”) does mean the use of unique traditional recipes, recognized by numerous generations, combined with modern technologies and compliance to the highest quality standards.


двойной разделитель

It was 80 years ago that Belarusian culinary specialists first tried the French sauce called “Mayonnaise”. They enriched its taste with the local ingredients aroma thus obtained a distinctive combination of gustatory qualities world-wide unique to this day.

All products line of the “Natsyonalnyia Belaruskiya Tradytsyi” trademark embodies the top culinary art experienced many decades along.

Mayonnaise, mayonnaise sauces, ketchups and “Yadrena” (“Hearty”) mustard, marketed under the National Belarusian Traditions brand name, undoubtedly represent a bright result of successful collegial efforts applied by two countries professionals, joining achievements of two enterprises: the R&D Department of “OLIS LTD” (Ukraine) and the R&D Department of “Food Industry Practical and Researcher Center behind the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”


 The State Standards of Belarus STB system, specific with highest requirements for the quality and safety of food products have been taken as the reliable basis for products’ formulations development.

A careful incoming raw materials and goods inspection, stepwise laboratory control at each technological process stage and the finished products thorough testing, as well as additional supervisory control by accredited laboratories do guarantee the “National Belarusian Traditions” TM products compliance with the governmental standards’ requirements of Ukraine and Belarus.

Our products quality is recognized not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. We set a high value on the trust and respect of our customers clearly preferring our products made according to the national Belarusian traditions.


   Establishing an appropriate culture of nutritive products consumption, these ones created according to the national Belarusian traditions.

   Becoming the best manufacturers of products made according to Belarusian authentic recipes and satisfying the most sophisticated tastes of our consumers.

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